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Make Indianapolis an Autism Safe City

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$250,000 goal

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Easterseals Crossroads is proud to be part of the Indy Autism Project to ensure that our city is one of the safest cities in our country for people who live with autism and people who are not neurotypical.

The project includes specific pillars in our community, which include our transit system, parks, hospitality industry, workforce and public safety. Personnel will be educated and trained to work effectively with people of all ages who have autism so that our city is fully accessible and safe for everyone via

  • safe and secure transit for those who use public transportation
  • accessible and sensory friendly parks and recreational areas
  • welcoming and educated personnel in our hospitality industry
  • diverse workplaces dedicated to inclusion
  • educated and informed public safety officials in all areas including police and fire stations

Join us to make Indianapolis the best place to live, learn, work and play for everyone in our community!